Jay Greiner

by Tannya Joaquin August 18, 2015

Underwater Photographer/Diver/Thrill Seeker

Passions: Photography, The Ocean, Nature

Philosophy: “Never let fear mold you into something you will regret becoming, and not who you were created to be. Do things afraid.”

Jay sees life through a whole new light after a traumatic accident led him to the ocean for healing. In the process, he discovered a passion for water photography. “Spending time in the ocean has been such a healthy escape for me and to help balance the surrounding commotion of life” explains Jay. “It harbors so much beauty and power and I love to capture and share my perspective of it.”

Jay captured an amazing moment on Maui during whale season last winter that he’ll never forget: a mom escorting her calf to the surface. Getting that picture perfect shot is his ultimate reward.

Website: www.jaygreinerphotography.com

Instagram: @jaymgreiner


What do you think makes a memorable picture?

That’s a hard question. When photographing the ocean and nature, there is very little that you can control. Regardless of how perfect my camera settings are, nature has the final say. It is so unpredictable which makes it so fun. But when everything falls into place it makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. It excites me to see the same details captured on my camera as what I remember seeing when I took the shot. I really love details and natural vibrant colors. 

What is your dream destination, activity or athlete to capture on camera?

I have such a love and respect for the humpback whales. They are such gentle giants and watching them glide and hearing them sing underwater is unlike anything I have ever seen or heard. There is nothing I could compare it to. I have been itching to explore Cebu Oslob in the Philippines and swim with the whale sharks. It think the Great Whites would be nuts if I am with the right people. I'd do it. Ha!

What do you like to shoot with? (Or is that a trade secret?)

I shoot with a Canon 7D Mark ii and use AquaTech for my waterhousing. I have 2 different lenses that I love using depending on the situation. I use a Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye for shore break waves and wide angle shots, and use a Canon 17-55mm for more narrow subject shots. 


Tannya Joaquin
Tannya Joaquin


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