“GR3EN means that 1 extra rep. GR3EN means that 1 extra kilo. GR3EN means that new PR! When my body says stop, GR3EN means go!”

Rocky Piwko, CrossFit Douglasville Owner/I AM ADAPTIVE Athlete 



“The first thing I do after I weigh in is pop open a GR3EN. The coconut water gets me rehydrated, the green tea helps me focus and the kale gives me the nutrients I need to lift big weights!”

Mike Vacarro, Olympic Lifter/Taken Not Given (TNG) Owner



“I love your delicious superfood beverage! I teach my patients all day long about health and the importance of juicing produce that is Organic and Non-GMO. I love Kale and I've been a Coconut fiend since I was a little kid. I really appreciate the fact that you don't have artificial garbage in there like aspartame and petrochemical based artificial colors. Thank you for a great product and thank you for supporting our local athletes!”

 Matthew “Doc” Tuttle, A New Life Health & Wellness Doctor & Aloha Fitness League State Masters Champ


“GR3EN is void of the potentially unhealthy ingredients found in conventional energy drinks like taurine, synthetic chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Kale, coconut water, and green tea are well known for their health-promoting properties.”

Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, Nationally renowned Naturopathic Physician and Author 


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